About Us

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Luxe Idol offers fashionable women outfits that guarantee a boost in confidence. Our mission is not only to put you on trend with the latest fashion but to keep you in outfits that will outlast the trend. We strive to bring luxurious fashion to the forefront of a diverse and fast paced industry that will make our customers feel and look their best with the added benefit of affordability.

Founded in 2021 Luxe Idol LLC is privately owned and operated by CEO Cecelia Bowen. We are a NYC based online clothing store for women who is outgoing, loves dressing up and wants to look their best without breaking the bank.

"Growing up in the Caribbean from a very young age I loved fashion but could not afford the latest clothing pieces."

So now when I get dressed up I remember those days  when I even use to try on and style my mother's clothes. This is what I'm referencing to when I say the Journey to Becoming Luxe.  I want you to experience  that same Journey as our brand takes center stage to inspire women to be confident in their Luxe Idol outfits.